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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Help Ban Partial Birth Abortion

I just learned the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case concerning partial birth abortion. The American Center for Law and Justice is preparing an amicus brief which includes a petition to sign in support of banning this barbaric practice. Please take a few minutes to sign it here.

There is absolutely no reason to allow partial birth abortion under any circumstances. It is cruel, barbaric, and not to get political or anything, would be too cruel a form of torture for any of our terrorists to endure. If you are against torture, please be consistent and extend your compassion to our most vulnerable citizens. Please sign the petition.

And please do not give me the song and dance about "suppose the life of the mother is threatened." Yes, that does rarely happen in pregnancy. Partial birth abortion is a late term abortion, which means that the baby could survive outside the womb if he were to be born earlier than normal. We have ways of saving the mother's life without also killing the baby. It's called an emergency C-section (and in some cases emergency labor induction where the mother can still birth vaginally). The baby can then be taken to a neonatal nursery for care while the mother is also being cared for. Should the mother decide having a baby of her own is too much for her, the next step for the baby would be adoption into a loving home where the baby will be raised and cared for. I have friends who have had two of their babies at around 7 months due to serious complications that did indeed threaten the mother's life. Both babies spent a month in the hospital and both are healthy and normal today. The birth process for a live baby is not more dangerous for the mother than it would be for the baby to be forcibly born breach and then have his skull smashed while still inside his mother. In fact, I would bet the latter is far more dangerous to the mother, not to mention absolute murder for the infant. So I really do not want to hear about the poor mother who can't survive being pregnant any longer. No mothers are going to die if partial birth abortion gets banned.

Please do the right thing and sign the petition.


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