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Friday, March 31, 2006

Why I Don't Trust Vaccines

I imagine many may find our decision to not vaccinate our children and our reasons for it rather extreme. After all, why wouldn't we want to protect our children from all those diseases out there, especially the truly fatal ones like chicken pox?

There are many reasons, but in the end it comes down to this: quite frankly, I do not trust our government, which mandates all children get vaccinated in order to attend school, to also regulate these same vaccines for safety.

When the polio vaccine (both Salk's and Sabin's versions) were found early on to be contaminated by simian virus 40 (SV40), one of the few known complete carcinogens which causes the aggressive and deadly mesothelial cancer, the government officials at the federal agencies corresponding to today's CDC and FDA denied the problem and sidelined the scientist who pointed out that the monkey kidney substrate used to grow the vaccine caused tumors in mice every time she injected it. When SV40 was identified in a large percentage of mesothelial tumors, the government continued to deny it. It was not until 2000 that polio vaccines offered in the US were cleaned up of SV40. If you vaccinated your child with a polio vaccine prior to 2000, your child very likely got a special bonus in the shot. Source: The Virus and the Vaccine.

When the numbers of children coming down with Autism exploded, many concerned parents found their affected children to be loaded with mercury, which they managed to trace back to the vaccines they received which contained the mercury-derived preservative thimerosal. In 1992 the government dramatically increased the number of required childhood vaccinations without taking into account the corresponding increased dose of mercury those children would receive--a gross and costly error on the part of the agencies that are supposed to ensure the safe use of pharmaceutical products. Despite the fact that many autistic children have improved following mercury chelation treatment and that the amount of mercury being expelled from their bodies has been measured, the CDC and FDA continue to deny any causative link between autism and thimerosal. At the same time, these agencies have quietly asked vaccine manufacturers to phase out thimerosal use, and since fewer vaccines currently contain thimerosal (surprise, surprise) the number of cases of autism has started to decrease. Source: Evidence of Harm.

There was a similar government cover-up involving our troops who were deployed (and in some cases not deployed) in the first Gulf War. They were given the anthrax vaccine, which contained the organic adjuvant squalene. This adjuvant has been largely documented as being responsible for the mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome." The government steadfastly denied the antrax shots contained squalene. Not only did every lot tested show up positive for squalene, but the amount of squalene found in various lots indicated a serial dilution, suggesting the government was performing an experiment using our soldiers as guinea pigs! Source: Vaccine A.

Given all this denial and cover-up by the government in the case of vaccines, I have no reason to trust that there isn't some safety issue going on right now with any of the vaccines my children might be given that the CDC and FDA know about but are denying. I do not wish to learn about this issue the hard way through one of my children becoming irreparably injured from said vaccine. I would honestly rather take my chances with the diseases than with the vaccines.

And why is it that the government seems to be asleep at the wheel when it comes to vaccines? It has been pointed out by many people that there are numerous unethical ties between the government and the pharmaceutical industy, but this excerpt from an article on the Catholic Exchange website sums it up rather nicely:

Why is the federal government pushing unnecessary vaccines on America’s children? After an eight month investigation by the House Committee on Government Reform, the answer is clear: pharmaceutical companies essentially control the FDA and CDC advisory committees that determine what vaccines American schoolchildren are required to receive. Concluded Dan Burton (R-IN), chair of the Committee on Government Reform, “We’ve taken a good hard look at whether the pharmaceutical industry has too much influence over these committees. From the evidence we found, I think they do… [possibly] the entire process has been polluted and the public trust has been violated.”

Pointing out the incestuous collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and the government agencies charged with regulating it is indeed relevant to Terri Schiavo's death because it was similar collusion between those who wanted to kill her and the people representing the law that was meant to protect her which ultimately killed her. Clearly this collusion is not unique to her case. It is everywhere and impacts all of us, and it must be exposed and fought wherever it occurs.

As a final note, which is worth a post in and of itself (stay tuned), the author of the above-quoted article, Jameson Taylor, is actually primarily concerned not so much with the safety vaccines may or may not have to the individual child receiving them, but with the fact that quite a few of the vaccines are developed in substrate derived from aborted fetal tissue. See his article on the subject here (as a disclaimer I disagree with the first line).


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