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Friday, March 31, 2006

Terri Schiavo anniversary

It's been a year since Terri Schiavo was ruthlessly starved and dehydrated. She didn't give up hope until the very end, when all legal avenues had clearly been exhausted, and extra-legal had clearly been rejected.

The loss devastated my faith in the people carrying out our system of law, as well as that system of law itself, and I have not really blogged here since. The minor year-by-year political maneuverings, the curious and interesting events in Colorado, philosophical musings... it all paled in comparison to wondering what to do when the foundation I live(d) on has heaved and cracked right across.

I've been thinking a lot this last year about political systems, legal systems, and the whole notion of culture and nationhood. I had promised essays to some commenters who thought I was wigging out and have never written them, largely because every time I thought I'd heaved off the broken foundation to get at a deeper, more solid foundation, I found that one to be cracked as well. I'll be blogging more about those thoughts later.

Meanwhile, RIP Terri.

Your brother and parents alerted a lot of us to brutal legal and political ambushes we had never even realized were taking place right on our front porches. Our blindness and lethargy cost your life. It will cost even more lives, undoubtedly, before the euthanasia movement murderers can be stopped in this century as well. But we will fight them to the end.


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