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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Massachussetts is now the second state to require Wal-Mart to stock the morning-after abortion pill, a product Wal-Mart normally does not carry. This new directive came about as a result of a lawsuit filed by several women who were thwarted in their attempts to buy the abortifacient from Wal-Mart. The lawyer representing the plaintiffs says he is prepared to sue Wal-Mart in other states as well.

What we have here is a state government dictating to a privately run store what products it has to carry. Wal-Mart is a big store and no doubt lots of companies with something to sell would love to have Wal-Mart stock their product. Wal-Mart turns many of these products down for various reasons. The fact that Wal-Mart has refused to stock a particular product is nothing new.

So Wal-Mart also refused to stock Harry's Wonderful Widgets (that's why I've never heard of them and neither have you). But I really want one of those widgets really bad and I can't be bothered with shopping around for one. I better petition the government to make Wal-Mart carry those widgets. I bet that would tickle Harry to no end because he knows if he can only get his widgets into Wal-Mart where everyone can see them, he'll make lots of widget sales which will lead to huge profits for him. It's not fair that Wal-Mart carries some products and not others. Waaaaah!

I doubt the government at any level would listen to my tale of woe. It's up to Wal-Mart to decide what products they will and will not stock, and not government's business to intervene.

So why does the government give the morning-after pill special treatment? What's so special about it that the government must require Wal-Mart to stock it, especially when it can be easily found at the store down the street?

The morning-after pill is a pharmaceutical product, and for some reason the government has long seen fit to promote and even make mandatory all manner of pharmaceutical products. The companies that make them have it made and their advertising budgets must be enviably low. Think about this the next time you hear a "public service announcement" reminding mothers of small children to take them in for their shots. That is the government running the advertisement campaigns for several pharmaceutical products. And the government doesn't stop there; it actually mandates the use of those products nationwide. Yes, there are excemptions, but the laws are on the books.

So now the government of Massachussetts has decided to mandate the availability of yet another pharmaceutical product, and no doubt many pro-lifers are outraged (as well they should be) because this pharmaceutical product happens to be abortive. Just keep in mind that the government is not doing anything new here. Pharmaceutical drugs have been government's pet for a long time. This is the more foundational problem underneath the immediate and obvious issue of government forcing abortifacients onto private businesses.

Government needs to get out of the business of promoting and mandating the use of all pharmaceutical drugs, period. We all should have gotten outraged a long time ago, whenever it was that this first started.

Pharmaceutical tyranny--yet another example of Modern Medicine causing harm.

HT: Rush Limbaugh See here for another news story.


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