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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Contraception and Abortion

Dr. Janet Smith, a professor at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, MI, has written and spoken extensively on the numerous moral problems associated with contraception. In a nutshell, she associates contraception with abortion and many of the other sexual perversions and social ills we now find ourselves mired in. And she is not alone in that belief. In any case, there is a very clear link between contraception and abortion, namely, that if you accept the use of contraception, you must also accept abortion, as the two are inseparable. Even the US Supreme Court recognizes that connection, as explained in an excerpt from Smith's 1994 talk: "Contraception, Why Not?"

Now, I'll give you the highest authority of our land, the Supreme Court says so.
There's an article out there, which I wrote, on the table you can have for free. It's called,
"The Connection between Contraception and Abortion" and I cite Planned Parenthood v.
Casey. In that decision (this is not quite verbatim but it's close) it says that: "in several
important respects, the decision to use contraceptives is the same as the decision to abort

Or the decision to have an abortion is the same as the decision to contracept. And it goes on
to explain. It says that, "For two decades, couples have based their intimate relationships on
the availability of abortion should contraceptives fail." Now in this whole Supreme Court
decision, which is on abortion, there is not one mention of the humanity of the unborn child,
not one mention of whether the fetus was a person or not. It's not even dismissed as a
question. It's not even considered. But it does say we must have abortions because we have contraceptives. It's a necessity. For two decades, couples have counted on it should their contraceptives fail. The Supreme Court says so.

The transcript of this talk is available here, and even though it's long, it is well worth the time to read through it. She does a much better job than I ever could of explaining why our nation's acceptance of contraception so many decades ago has lead to horrible tragedies such as the cruel murder of Terri Schindler.


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