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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Michael awarded Terri's estate the day she died

Here's a post on BlogsForTerri explaining how Michael Schiavo was awarded what was left of Terri's estate the day she died. Apparently, Judge Greer was in such a rush to get the paperwork together that he put down Michael Schiavo, rather than Terri Schiavo, as the one who had died. Yes, this is the guy the American Bar Association honored for his professionalism!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Fight

It's been a while since I've posted here--been a little bit out of the loop and hope to get back into things really soon. For now, I am going to post something from Megan's blog that I've been wanting to publish for a while. This is something she posted shortly after Terri Schindler was killed. I don't ever want us to forget that what happened to Terri was a horrible atrocity, and I honestly believe something in our society fundamentally changed the day she died (more on that later). Anyway, here is Megan's thoughtful and inspiring post:

I Welcome The Fight Terri Continues To Inspire In Us
Terri had an extraordinarily large extended family. We are all truly better and changed in some ways as a result of her touching our lives. I know I am.

Most of us are still in fight mode. I just think we need to focus that energy in the best possible ways. What had happened to Terri over the course of 15 years is quite a complex web of questionable events. There are areas where people failed Terri and areas where the law failed Terri. We can demand the people be held accountable and demand that laws be changed. We have that power but only by taking reasonable and educated stands. We can get to some accountability in Terri's death if we identify and force change in those areas of culpability.

I am probably like many in that I am so angry I want to point a finger at someone and say "Murder, you are responsible for the killing of Terri Schiavo". It is not that simple. I think we probably all need to realize, we will most likely never get there. But there are steps short of pointing that finger that could force the recognition of this as a criminal atrocity.

Here are some of the areas I plan on being very involved in:

Judge Greer. The impeachable offenses are many. Most of them stem from his refusal to recuse himself due to tangible connections to George Felos and his refusal to remove Michael Schiavo as Terri's guardian even though he violated some 17 requirements under the statute of guardianship (Florida Statute 744.474) I also cannot find ANY law, even loosely translated, that gives Judge Greer the power to deny Terri food and water by mouth. Florida law prohibits this, calling the denial of food and water by natural means a deliberate act to end life. I plan to research and compile those most egregious offenses and with a clear and loud voice, call out for his impeachment. Efforts by many are already underway here.

George Felos. Fraud charges should be brought against him. (Comment deleted in order to correct the facts. To those who had a fit over it, Felos did support the assertions made at the mal practice suit and I even stated that would be a true statement made by him. Thank you for pointing out that my comment was written as though he made that true statement and he did not) He then orchestrates (thru his influence on the Hospice Board) stowing Terri away in the Hospice system, stating her life expectancy at 6 months or less thereby defrauding the Medicaid system. I am assuming this would be enough to have his license to practice law taken away. As well it should be, he is unfit. To state a personal opinion (why not, it's my blog) Mr Felos should be remanded to psychiatric care. Anyone who states he can read the minds of the incapacitated by looking in their eyes or that he can force planes to land with his mind, should be instiutionalized and NOT given the power to wield influence in a court of law.

Michael Schiavo. Boy, it sure gets complicated here. I am still thinking through all of this. (1) Fraud. These charges could probably be brought pretty easily. The money trail will show fraud very clearly. Also defrauding Medicaid as his wife had $750,000 dedicated to her care, yet (with the aide of is attorney) he illegally forced the cost of her care onto Medicaid and spent Terri's money to launch and continue a huge legal campaign to end her life. (2) Abuse and neglect. There is no statute of limitations issue here because the abuse and neglect continued throughout the 15 years and up until her death. Terri had protections legally afforded to her through The Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. He was also under certain obligations dictated by the statute of guardianship. Michael is criminally negligent and his actions qualify as abuse by denying Terri these protections.

Applicable areas of the law to re-visit.

(1) I would argue that nutrition and hydration should be TAKEN OFF the list of extraordinary or artificial life saving measures. One is not being artificially kept alive based on a need for food and water by any method. If that is the standard, then we are all "terminal".
(2) I would argue that someone's right to die should be a choice one makes to be allowed to die naturally and NEVER if it constitutes forcing someone to die. The burden should be MUCH greater to take extraordinary measures to end life than it is to take extraordinary measures to save life.
(3) I would argue that "right to die" issues are never considered without the written wishes of the patient. It simply should not be within any person's power to make life and death decisions for anyone else.
(4) If it is to remain law that hearsay evidence can be presented via proxy on the patient's wishes, then the "clear and convincing evidence" standard is not high enough. All evidence should be heard and a finding reached based on the evidentiary standard of "beyond reasonable doubt".

In considering these battles and those we might be able to win, I am left with several questions but I will pose this one...

If Judge Greer were impeached based on his findings in this case and his refusal to remove Michael Schiavo as the guardian and Michael Shiavo was found guilty of abuse and neglect, would this make Terri's death criminal?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Baby Charlotte Press Release

Darren and Debbie Wyatt, the parents of Charlotte Wyatt--the baby the hospital doesn't believe should continue living--have released this press release several days ago:

The parents of tragic baby Charlotte Wyatt today released new pictures of their daughter - which they say prove her health is improving.

Darren and Debbie Wyatt say the new photographs, taken just three weeks ago, show that 19 month old Charlotte is growing all the time.

When Charlotte was born she was just 5in. long and weighed under 1lb..

But today the baby is 26in. long and weighs 15lb..

The couple can now take Charlotte around hospital corridors in a pram, sparking hopes she could one day go home with them.

The dramatic development has been made possible by the trial use of new mobile breathing equipment, which stops Charlotte from being tied to her cot.

And Charlotte's parents say they have released the new pictures to show people how much their daughter has changed since she was born.

Chef Mr Wyatt, 33, of Portsmouth, Hants, said today: "I believe it is in everyone's best interest to see how well Charlotte is doing.

"When we see the pictures that were taken just after she was born now we just think, 'That's not Charlotte'.

"She has changed so much since that time.

"Just by looking at the new pictures you can see that Charlotte is looking pretty well.

"She is doing as well as she always has done. We think she is not getting worse, she is getting better.

"She has grown and she is responding more and more.

"When she was born we were told she could see and hear, then later on we were told she couldn't see or hear.

"But she recognises our voices and is reaching out for things.

"And we want people to see how she is looking now."

Mrs Wyatt, 23, added: "We get people coming up to us and asking how Charlotte is all the time.

"We want them to see how she is doing for themselves."

Charlotte was born three months premature at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth, in October 2003, with serious brain, lung and kidney damage.

Doctors said Charlotte felt nothing but pain.

Last month (April) the couple lost their legal battle to overturn a court order allowing doctors not to resuscitate their daughter.

But they are planning to appeal against the decision because they are convinced Charlotte's health is improving.

Mr Wyatt said: "She was just the size of your hand when she was born, she was the length of a ball point pen.

"Doctors said she wouldn't even reach her first birthday but she proved them wrong then.

"Now we can take her out of her oxygen tank which feels really nice.

"The only trouble is when you take her out and hold her you don't want to put her back.

"When we hold her we can see she is getting better."

The couple, who have two sons Daniel, two, and seven month old David, are now expecting a fourth child.

They want to raise awareness of the premature baby charity Bliss and to highlight a new website dedicated to Charlotte,

Mr Wyatt is also hoping to organise a sponsored walk to raise money for the charity.

Charlotte was delivered by emergency Caesarian section because she was not growing properly after just 26 weeks in her mother's womb.

Medical experts from across the country who have examined Charlotte insist that her chances of surviving even one more year are barely five per cent.

Doctors say that even a small cold or runny nose could be fatal.

Charlotte Wyatt -- Don't give up on me!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Update on Baby Charlotte

This directly from Sherri:

HOPE for Baby Charlotte: YOU CAN HELP!
Juleni has been a GOD GIVEN AMBASSADOR for Baby Charlotte. She asked me to pass this on to ALL I CAN!

Sherri...on a somber note, and off topic, here is my latest update on little baby Charlotte Wyatt. Would you please alert your readers to pray for her and to write those British media outlets that RottyPup put up for us over at Blogsforterri? I will try to repost them all here, too...Thank you!:

Over the past week and a half, the editor of the Olive Branch Press ( and I have contacted several doctors in an attempt to get help for Charlotte. There have been ups and downs, that I want to share with you later, but have no time right now: suffice it to say, the editor of Olive Branch Press (OBP) has made contact with a prolife British doctor willing to help Charlotte! This is good news!!


The doctor has told us that the hospital that Charlotte is in must first give PERMISSION for a second opinion to be allowed...can you imagine that? As a result the OBP editor has a call in, overseas, to a British legal expert who works alongside the prolife doctors. We are waiting for this legal expert's response (a woman). PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY that she responds as soon as possible, and that God will guide her as she reviews all the legal considerations in our getting a good, life asserting doctor to give an evaluation or second opinion on Charlotte!

Here is why this is so crucial:


"On the basis of the unanimous medical evidence in this case, the issue in all probability is not whether this baby should live or die but how and when she should die. Charlotte has chronic respiratory and kidney problems coupled with the most profound brain damage that has left her blind, deaf and incapable of voluntary movement or response. It is very highly probable that she will during this winter succumb to a respiratory infection that will prove fatal. That said the unanimous medical evidence also recognises that in this area there is no such thing as certainty of prognosis of survival. "

That first sentence....."not whether this baby should live or die but how and when she should die". DOES THAT NOT SOUND JUST LIKE JUDGE GREER's pronouncement on Terri, "the (judgement) is that she will die" - or words like that?

Also the whole October pronouncement about Charlotte seems so silly now, from this perspective of months later, because she has obviously not gone the way they 'predicted' at all, and is obviously not what they said back then. She sees, hears, responds, smiles, is growing constantly, plays, and is just getting better and better - just like most newbies.

It would seem just something that they said back then, that could be ignored now, except almost sounds to me like a death sentence. I could just say, oh, well, that was back then, in October, and they just didn't know and look how far she has come now, so they must see that and believe differently now, if it weren't for one thing....

They are not acting like all of her growth, response, thriving, matters at all....

Case in point, today's news, from Joshua of the Friends for Charlotte (by email). (The website.)....this, DESPITE THE FACT that Charlotte twice the other day was successfully and happily out of her oxygen box for a while, on just a nasal cannula for oxygen and is now only needing 45% oxygen on a continual basis, freeing her up almost to the point that she could go home (she can go home when she is on a nasal cannula, and low % of oxygen need.....and she has already come down from 100% oxygen to only 45% oxygen in just these few months...):

"We found out today that the hospital has decided (no explanation) to
stop giving Charlotte time on the nasal prongs (cannula). She seemed to be doing
so well on them, and be getting ready for coming home, so this was a
great discouragement to us.

Please pray that Charlotte would soon get so well and strong it would
be evident even to those who most don't want to see it. And pray for
us, that we would know how to deal with the hospital. Pray especially
for Darren & Debbie, that they would be encouraged and have strength
to go on.:

>From the website:

"Two steps forward, one step back

Charlotte is continuing to get stronger, but today there was another
set-back from the hospital. Though she spends most of the time in her
oxygen box, she had been slowly introduced to nasel cannula for the
past few weeks; going up to two hours a day, split up into two

Darren and Debbie loved this new advancement-- she was more alert when
she was on them, and certainly easier to hold and stimulate. But today
they found out the nasal prong machine had been removed, and on
inquiring, that the hospital had decided to stop giving her time on it.
No reason was given, simply "it hadn't been a success".

But why not a success? She did so well on them!

They may mean well, but right now it is difficult to be anything like
If the hospital believes your baby does not deserve to live, will that
affect their decision making?

When will there be any accountablity?"
And from Hannah, of the website:

"On the positive side, she is doing really well-- in spite of them! and getting stronger. She had her measurements taken yesturday, and she has been gaining a little weight and growing longer.

Pray especially for Darren and Debbie today, because it meant alot to them to have her allowed out of her box and with the nasal cannula..."

So, there are a few prayer requests, here.

1. for Debbie and Darren, Charlotte's parents, to be encouraged and to have strength for the continued fight for their daughter.

2.that Charlotte would soon get so well and strong it would
be evident even to those who most don't want to see it.

3.for Joshua, Hannah, Debbie Darren, the editor of OBP, the legal expert in Britain, the doctor in Britain who is willing to help, that they all may know and have discernment from God as to how to deal with the hospital, in regards to getting that second opinion evaluation done, and as to the hospital withholding the medical records from Charlotte's parents, as they are doing (possibly illegally?....see the website's comments for a comment from a British subject regarding this..)

4. for this stronghold of the enemy to be torn down by God, in satan's wanting to take little Charlotte's life.

Finally, if you would be willing, could some people please start writing to the British press contacts which RottyPup gave us last week?? A little spotlighting might be of help to let the hospital be aware that their actions are being watched in regards to Charlotte.



Charlotte Wyatt -- Don't give up on me!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Judge Who Ordered Terri's Death Honored

Believe it or not, "Judge" Greer, who ordered Terri Schindler to be starved and dehydrated to death without due process was honored at a banquet yesterday. It's bad enough that he had her starved to death, but to celebrate over dinner?

Monday, May 02, 2005

Texas Hospitals Overriding Parents' Desires (Updated)

UPDATE: Baby Knya died while she was still receiving medical treatment. (HT: Sherri)

HT: BlogsForTerri

Recently, there have been two cases where hospital personnel decided against the parents' wishes to discontinue treatment for a critically ill baby. Both times, the parents have fought the decision. One family has already lost (their baby died after being taken off life support). The other family is still fighting.

This past Thursday, Memorial Hermann Hospital informed the parents of Knya Dismuke-Howard that it would stop all medical treatment except for pain in ten days. Baby Knya (five months) suffers from leukemia and some sort of skin infection. Mr. and Mrs. Dismuke-Howard are looking for anothe hospital that will treat Knya.

I find this trend extremely disturbing. While at this stage of my thinking I recognize that there actually can be an appropriate time to remove life support, I maintain that it has to be a family decision. The medical team and facilities need to support the family in this difficult time, not be the ones to make the decision of removing life support, or force an already stressed family to go hunting for another hospital. If the family wants to continue fighting for their loved one's life, the hospital needs to support that. The reason is simple: no one can care about a child better than the loving parents. No matter how compassionate the medical team might be, they are not the parents. I also maintain that an individual who has given up the fight will die, no matter what heroic measures we take to save his life. Baby Knya has not given up. Her parents want to continue treating her. It is not the hospital's place to decide to do anything differently.